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08 March 2021

Xela Rederm Redermalization

  Redermalization of the skin is a procedure that combines a needle mesotherapy treatment with Xela Rederm products with chemical peels Hylual Peel, which strengthen the effect of the treatment and are selected for a specific skin problem.
   The combination of the Xela Rederm mesotherapy treatment with the Hylual Peel chemical peeling, acting in many tasks, gives an immediate effect visible after just one treatment! 
   Xela Rederm introduces hyaluronic acid and succinate into your skin cells and provides a powerful visual anti-age effect and a long-term result. Effectiveness of this new generation injectable anti-age product is proven by clinical studies, which show the dramatic improvement in the appearance of your skin.

What are the benefits of Redermalization ?

More youthful looking skin

Improved complexion

Improved elasticity

Reduction of wrinkle depth and length

Skin lifting

Improved skin tone and appearance of pigmentation

Improved hydration

Acne scarring and stretch-mark improvement


How does it work?
It works by taking Succinic acid which is great for stimulating collagen and elastin , reducing pigmentation, detoxing the skin and energising the skin cells and combining it with Hyaluronic acid which works hard to prevent dehydration of the skin. Together they tackle fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles around the eyes, pigmentation, crepe like skin, dehydration, scarring and loss of elasticity.  
Frequency of treatment:
For optimal results you will need 3-6 treatments with 2-3 weeks between each session. The amount will dependent on your skin quality.



Full face with eyes area:
Xela Rederm 1.1 % - 170£
Xela Rederm 1.8 % - 180£
Xela Rederm 2.2 % - 200£

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