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Intensive Hydratation Facial

Intensive moisturizing treatment for dry skin

The treatment includes:
ultasound peeling + sonophorese with moisturizing serum with hyaluronic acid + moisturizing algae mask + face massage


Cleansing Facial + Microdermabrasion

Cleansing treatment for impure, acne skin with discoloration

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical peeling which aims at cleansing the skin by abrasion of the outer layers of the epidermis with corundum. It helps to reduce skin imperfections such as blackheads, milllets, acne scars, enlarged pores, discoloration and wrinkles.

The treatment includes:
Ultrasonic peeling or microdermabrasion + soothing and tightening pores mask with activated carbon + relaxing facial massage with ylang ylang oil


Cleansing Facial + Cavitation Peeling

Cleansing treatment for impure, sensitive skin

Ultrasonic peeling is a gentle cleansing of the skin, using ultrasounds. In addition to exfoliation, ultrasonic vibrations, enriched with micromassage, improve microcirculation and oxygenate the skin. What is most important, ultrasonic peeling is a painless procedure that is designed for people with sensitive skin who can not use manual cleansing or microdermabrasion.

The treatment includes:
Ultrasonic peeling +soothing mask with arnica extract + relaxing facial massage with ylang ylang oil


Anti - Acne Cleansing Facial + Chemical Exfoliation

Cleansing treatment with chemical peel for impure, acne skin with discoloration 

Ultrasonic peeling combined with chemical peeling ,based on a 35% mixture of pyruvic, lactic and azelaic acids has antibacterial properties. It exfoliates, smooths the skin and reduces enlarged pores and scars. It also brightens discoloration, improves skin tone and firmness.

The treatment includes:

Ultrasonic peeling + chemical peeling + soothing mask with arnica extract + relaxing facial massage with ylang ylang oil


Ultracalming Nanilil® Facial

A treatement dedicated to dry, sensitive and capillary skin

The Nanilil® products reduce the erythema of the vessels, have anti-inflammatory properties and strenghten the skin's barrier. Gently and effectively exfoliates the epidermis. It is perfect for both young and mature skin, prone to allergies and irritations.

The treatment includes:

cavitaticon peeling + sonophoresis with serum for capillaries + soothing Nanili® mask + face  massage


EstGen Therapy

A treatement dedicated to skin diseases such  as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema or acne

The EstGen treatment is used to treat inflammation that occurs the course of various skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema or acne. The EstGen treatment with sonophoresis uses high-frequency ultasaunds waves, all active substances can penetrate deep into the skin.

The treatment includes:

cavitation peeling + sonophoresis with bio-active EsGen gel


Deep Phyto Peeling 

Cleansing treatment for acne skin, discolourations and scars

The effectiveness is due to a unique combination of herbal peeling with a mixture of glycolic and salicylic acids. In the initial phase of the procedure the proteins of the epidermis interact with acid molecules resulting in better effects. Creamy products contain keratolytic ingredients that support a quick and deep penetration of the main ingredient into the skin - Spongilla, which in turn dissolves in the skin transmitting its rare minerals.


Anti-Aging Gold Facial

Anti-Aging treatement dedicated to mature skin

The golden mask treatment is a luxurious, natural cosmetic treatment. The ingredients contained in the mask naturally penetrate deep into the skin. Gold maintains collagen and elastin production, improves skin condition by reducing wrinkles. It also reduces sun spots, brightens the skin and reduces inflammation.
The treatment includes:
Ultrasound peeling + sonophorese with anti-wrinkle serum + mask application +face massage


Relaxing Facial

Facial therapy is an ideal way to relax your face muscles. Tight muscles in the face lead to headaches, stress lines, wrinkles and increase your level of stress.

The treatment includes:

enzymatic peeling + face mask + aroma face massage 


Chemical Skin Peels

We offer superficial peels to brighten, tighten and smoothe the skin as well as deeper medical grade peels. Deeper peels can penetrate to the lower layers of the skin and exert a direct effect on the keratinocytes (skin cells). We offer a range of peels with a diverse combination of acids and other ingredients including glycolic acid, salicylic, mandelic acid, tricholoracetic acid (TCA), lactic acid, citric acid, kojic acid, retinoic acid, glutathione, phenol and hydrogen peroxide. Some of our peels contain a single acid whereas others are a blend of ingredients, however, the choice will always be tailored to your individual requirements.












Needle Mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy is one of the most popular anti-aging revitalizing treatments because the effects are visible after a very short time. It is a technique that involves intradermal distributin of active substances (including hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids). The substances introduced are so-called cocktails, which are selected depending on the needs of the skin.


Anti - Hair Loss Scalp Needle Mesotherapy

Scalp needle mesotherapy is a skin healing regenerative treatment that is used to remove various problems, including hair loss and alopecia treatment. It is used within the scalp, delivering a mesococcal cocktail with active ingredients to the subcutaneous tissue.


Lipolax Injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is a procedure that allows quick and minimally invasive fat removal. This type of treatment is controlled and safe, and the treatment allows you to quickly achieve positive effects.
So if you are looking for a supportive modeling body in places resistant to slimming and training, such as the abdomen, buttocks, chin or thighs, injection lipolysis is certainly the right solution for you.
Microneedle Mesotherapy
Microneedle mesotherapy is a non-surgical method of skin revitalization while stimulating its natural regenerative abilities. Micro-punctures made with sterile disposable needles create several thousand micro-channels. They remain open for a short time, this giving the opportunity to deeply introduce the selected preparation. Microneedle mesotherapy is recommended for people with complexion that requires hydration and nutrition, with signs of aging, sun and acne discoloration or shallow scars.
Derma Fillers
Dermal fillers treatment involves injecting a medically developed solution under the skin with a fine needle to enhance facial features and plump and fill lines, grooves or sunken areas. Dermal fillers are used to treat a range of skin concerns, including lack of volume and shallow to deep wrinkles and folds. Popular areas to add volume and fullness to include the lips, cheeks and bridge of the nose. For smoothing, adding volume, plumping lines and wrinkles, popular treatment areas include around the forehead, tear troughs, mouth (smile, marionette and lipstick lines), jawline and chin.









Anti-Cellulite Body Ceremony

The treatment includes a whole body sugar peeling with coffee beans. Wonderfully cleanses the skin and prepares it for subsequent treatments.Then a coffee body mask is applied. Caffeine contained in it stimulates  metabolism, therefore it is effective at removing cellulite, burns fat tissue. Thanks to nutrients, it leaves the skin radiant and well moisturized, improves mood, and stimulates. The treatment has a slimming and anti-cellulite effect. Finally, an excellent anti-cellulite Chinese cupping massage based on orange oil.

The treatment includes:
Body scrub + coffe body wrapping + body massage with orange oil


Hot Chocolate Body Ceremony

The chocolate-based treatment relaxes and restores skin firmness and elasticity. Stimulates circulation and helps reduce body fat and cellulite. In addition, it nourishes and moisturizes.

The treatment includes:
Chocolate body srub + chocolate body wrapping + hot chocolate massage


Orange & Vanilla Body Ceremony

Firming body compress based on orange, vanilla and ginger. Especially recommended for sensitive and prone to dry skin. It has strong firming, moisturizing and anti-aging properties. The treatment begins with a refreshing sugar peeling with the scent of orange. It removes dead epidermis cells and prepares the skin to absorb the active ingredients contained in the mask. In the next phase, a cream vanilla mask rich in firming ingredients is massaged into the body. The treatment ends with a relaxing full body massage with aromatherapy. 

The treatments includes:
Body scrubbing + body wrap + hot oil massage


Thermo-Active Anty-Cellulite Treatment Spa Abyss

It is an extremely anty-cellulite effective therapy, shaping and slimming the figure. It reduces the circumference of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, which is proved by the measurements taken before and after the treatment, and the results are visible even after the first treatment! The treatment is dedicated to people struggling with cellulite who need firming and tightening the skin. Recommended to do twice in the week, up to 6 treatments in 1 series.

The treatments includes:
Body scrubbing + body wrap + massage












Deep Tissue Massage 60 min

Relaxing Hot Oil  Massage 60 min


Sport Massage 60 min


Aromatherapy Hot Oil  Massage 60 min


Hot Chocolate  Massage 60 min


Chinese Bubble Massage 45 min


Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage 30 min


Indian Head Massage 20 min

Face, Neck & Cleavage Massage 30 min

Hands Massage + Scrub + Mask 30 min

Feet Massage + Scrub + Mask 30 min

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